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Here you become a part of Lyngby Boldklub, where you will be an important part of the execution of the first team’s home games at Lyngby Stadium. We want to create an experience for all our fans at the stadium – for this we need your help.

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We need help with:

Event Crew:

  • Fanzone
  • Ticket Scanner
  • Press Room
  • Stadium Guides
  • Exposure Setup
  • Ball Boy Supervisor
  • Sign and Fence Setup


  • Hostess
  • Waiters
  • Bartenders
  • Sampling

As a volunteer in Lyngby BK, you will...

Examples of a typical workday

Event crew

As a Fanzone employee, you are the first to welcome our kids’ club and their families. Together with the rest of the crew, you are responsible for giving them the best experience at Lyngby Stadium. The Event Manager will provide a detailed briefing on the activities that need to be prepared for and carried out in the Fanzone for the upcoming game. Fanzone guards typically start 3.5 hours before kick-off and finish an hour after the game ends.

As a ticket scanner, you are ready to greet all the Lyngby fans who are coming to watch the game. You will typically arrive 2.5 hours before kickoff and have 10 minutes off during the game. After that, you can enjoy the game while sipping a cold draught beer or soda and savoring the legendary Lyngby sausage.

As a stadium guide, you ensure that all guests receive the proper guidance in regards to seating arrangements and information about stands and other activities at the stadium. The meeting time will be 2.5 hours before the start of the game.

As the exposure manager, you are responsible for ensuring that all branding is set up before the game starts. This position can also be combined with the fanzone crew.

Brand activation crew

You typically arrive 3 hours before the start of the game in order to prepare the lounge for VIP guests. When the guests arrive, you will greet them at the door and welcome them.

You typically arrive 4 hours before kickoff to set up in the lounge. During meals, you ensure that there is always enough food in the buffet.

You typically show up 2.5 hours before kickoff and prepare the bar. Upon the guests’ arrival, you make sure their glasses are always filled and spread good vibes.”

“You typically arrive 2.5 hours before kick-off and prepare to receive our spectators and partners with free products to distribute.”

Joachim Møller


Joachim Møller


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